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Colle Delle Finestre - Gravel

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The Colle Delle Finestre has two sides with very different personalities. One is the super smooth glamorous side where cool Italian woman picnic with their husbands in their bikinis. That’s the Italian women in the bikinis, not their husbands.

The other side is the even more famous Giro d’Italia gravel climb. Both have a mountain range just floating about in the background but on the gravel climb whether going up or down, you are going to be too immersed in the history and heroics of the Giro to notice.

Available in black & white - Colle Delle Finestre - Gravel

A2. A1. A0.
Photography Print Sizes

Photography print sizes - landscape:

A0 = 1189mm. x 841mm.

A1 = 841mm. x 594mm.

A2 = 594mm. x 420mm.

Gifts for cyclists print sizes

Gifts for cyclists print sizes available

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