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About the Photographer

 davidt photographer 

All the photography at is the work of David Tedman. No other photographers work is shown or exhibited here. All the photography is original and no artwork shown here is available anywhere else that we are aware of. All photography is original and solely the copyright of David Tedman. All rights reserved worldwide.

Renowned landscape and industrial landscape photographer, working originally for top London design and advertising agencies. David is a life long cyclist and cycling fan. Once the youngest member of the GB Olympic cycling training squad who harboured ambitions to climb these mountains and win the Tour de France. 

The original intention for the creation of this collection of pictures was in the hope of putting to rest the ghost of much cherished unfulfilled dream. In reality it’s become so much more than that. Somewhere along the way, the regrets of the past have transformed the present and morphed the future into a bright and exciting reason to live. 

These mountains can do that for you.


The soundtrack to the first two month long photo shoots of the The Great Cycling Climbs belongs almost exclusively to London Grammar. A mix of spirituality and a wonderful cinematic quality needed to traverse these mountain roads. Add a touch of Led Zeppelin, Kings of Leon and a ton of others to create and re-sharpen the cutting edge.