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Passo Stelvio - Lower Slopes - Limited Edition - Black and white duotone cycling photography print.

Buried deep in the forest of the lower slopes, striving ever upwards, we are in our element. Where we belong on this day of days.
We have slipped the chains of normality, cashed them in for an improved reality.
Be the hero of your own life if only once in your life.
Dance on the pedals in the fierce midday sun, just you and your shadow.
Here are the elements from which we are forged.
Here is where we are made strong.


Passo Stelvio - Great Cycling Climbs - Gifts for cyclists.

Recommended print size for this picture: A1

Considering the immense scale of the mountains, an A1 print size is recommended for these pictures - Click the picture to enlarge.

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Photographer's note

It is a challenge to display online black and white duotone photography prints due to the subtle highlight colour tones. They can appear slightly different on screen depending on your monitor settings or device.