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Sa Calobra

The Sa Calobra winds its way from the sea onto the shoulder of the Puig Major, Mallorca's highest mountain. Situated in the Serra de Tramuntana mountains, the Sa Calobra has over 96,000 Strava entries ranging from under 25 minutes to four hours.
Just enough time to take in the view.

The official name of the Sa Calobra is the Col de Cal Reis. Translated, Sa Calobra means snake or cobra. Originally a mule track, today's road opened in 1933 and features multiple hairpin bends and a 270° spiral bridge called the tie knot.

It's tough climbing the Sa Calobra but not too tough. It's hot but usually not too hot. It's definitely a challenge but a challenge that leaves you feeling physically and mentally on top of the world.

The air is sweet and smells of the sea. Either going up or down, it's as close to paradise on a bike as you're ever likely to find.

Loved by professionals and amateurs alike, the Strava leader board reads like a who's who of the cycling world. Like Alpe d'Huez, the Sa Calobra allows anyone to test how they stand up against the best in the world.

"I got within a minute of Brad Wiggins on the Sa Calobra" has a nice ring to it. Even when completely untrue, almost nobody gets within a mile of Wiggins on the Sa Calobra.

On the beach. There is a beach at the bottom of the Sa Calobra. In fact, there are two. The beach at Cala Tuent is the nicest, whereas the main beach is reached via a tunnel through the cliff face, so it wins for drama.

As this is climb 21, it's time for a dip in the sea.

Somewhere to stay right at the foot of the Sa Calobra - Try the Tuent Experience.

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