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Passo Sella

Head out of Canazei via the Passo Pordoi. Take a left onto the Passo Sella, and you could be in the Rocky Mountains. The higher you go, the more dramatic everything becomes till you eventually find yourself standing on the shoulders of giants.

You must have done something very right to ride this road. The nectar of life is to be found in these mountains. Breathe it in. Absorb it through your skin. It will heal your very soul. It's not immortality, but it'll do for now.

This is healthcare on wheels. A luxury spa for the outdoor people. Adventure with benefits.
Life is now divided between before you rode the Sella and after you rode the Sella. It could change you in ways so far unrecognised and unimagined. You may feel the need to make profound pronouncements as to the meaning of life, the universe, and everything.

Or you may just go back to work and forget it ever happened. Only that won't work. You have spent time in paradise. Now everything will be different. This is "Zen and the art of bike riding" country, and you're now a philosopher.

If you still don't believe you're in paradise, the descent down the other side of the Sella into what feels like a forgotten enchanted valley should convince you otherwise.

Go ride it. Tell me I'm wrong.

@davidt 2022


Outside is free

Today is a good day. Today is a day that counts

Passo Sella