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Passo Gardena

The Sellaronda is known as the most beautiful cycling route in the world.
I wouldn't dispute that claim. The Sellaronda is nothing less than a cycling paradise. The name comes from the world-famous ski run of the same name.
The Sellaronda makes up most of the short course of the Maratona dles Dolomites cycling sportive and around 55kms of the entire Parcours, which includes the Passo Giau.

Cycling events are often, but not always, run anti-clockwise, with the small town of Corvara as the starting point on the loop.
First up is the Passo Gardena.
It's not easy to say anything about the Passo Gardena that's not Wow! Gobsmacking, mind-boggling, or just out of this world. It's a 360-degree landscape that's so mind-boggling and impressive it hurts. Impossible to take in. It's a brain overload that turns you into a gibbering 1970s hippie high on weed, and all you can say is, Wow, just Wow!

It looks like the American west but with Italian cafes and luxury boutique hotels. Life doesn't have to be tough, stop and admire the view for long enough, and someone will appear with tables, chairs, and a choice of coffee and pastries. Things keep getting better once over the top and into the valley beyond. Did I just die and go to heaven?

Just for once, output data has to take second place. Even the most serious power meter junkie will raise their eyes, stop, and take a picture. Everyone is a tourist here.

Self-denial has no place here. This is not the place to go too deep or challenge yourself too much. This is a place of sociability, nourishment, hospitality, enrichment, and the recharging of the soul. Rejuvenation of your molecular structure is in progress. Your operating system is being upgraded. Please wait. You will reboot shortly.

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Passo Gardena