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Welcome to the Velodrome

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As we all stand, stamp, shout and cheer for our track cycling heroes in the electric atmosphere of the velodrome, imagine the world-view of the fittest and fastest track guys in the world as they ride beyond the very edge of their abilities to achieve greatness.

The Team GB cycling pursuit quartet is down to three and this is the last lap, every 1000th of every second is vital in this effort, the fastest time of the year so far. There is no hiding place, the velodrome has turned from a cycling dream of speed and glory into a mental and physical torture chamber and only when every last drop of energy and vitality has been wrung out of every muscle tissue in the body can the attempt be considered adequate.

In this precise moment, everything is forgotten, nothing else matters, not a single stray distracting thought can be allowed to enter or exist in the mind of any of the riders now. The brain is silenced of its endless whingeing of pain thresholds and necessary physical limitations and is instead put to use searching every last crevice for the useable energy needed to fuel the final push to the finish line. With the possible exception of Wiggo, (centre) who's probably just deciding what to have for his tea.

Chasing the Rainbow are Jon Dibben, Owain Doull and Sir Bradley Wiggins. (Fourth man Steven Burke).

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