Stelvio Pass via Bormio

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Stelvio Pass via Bormio

The south-western ascent of the Stelvio Pass (2757m) from Bormio features 7 tunnels and over 30/38 hairpins depending on how you count them. Overall, the climb is steady with a maximum gradient of 12%, so pace yourself accordingly. If it feels easy in the first few kilometres then you are doing it right. Be aware of the 7 tunnels/galleries, located between kilometres 7 and 10. Some of them can be dark, wet and quite dangerous. The recent introduction of lighting has helped considerably

It’s not only the gradient towards the end of the Stelvio Pass, which makes the climbing harder, but also the effects of the high altitude. The breathing becomes more and more difficult as the legs start screaming from the 20+ kilometres effort.

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