The Box Hill Strava Segment

The Box-Hill-Strava Segment

Box Hill has the highest number of Strava segment posts outside of North America and is the most popular segment post in Europe
The Strava leaderboard shows the KOM time for the Box Hill segment is 4. 46 mins from bottom to top set on the 4th. Aug 2013 by Ian Bibby during the inaugural London Surrey Pro Race. Rohan Dennis got within 7 seconds of Ian's time this year and both Ben Swift and Simon Yates feature in the top ten

One of the reasons for the popularity of Box Hill is because of the surrounding Surrey Hills. Most, if not all are steeper than Box Hill, but none is prettier in terms of scenery and landscape. Ranmore Common Road is less than a mile away and climbs up the other side of the Mole Valley, it's similar in length to Box Hill but because the gradient steepens the further up the climb you go topping out with a 20% section close to the top, it feels, and is, much harder

Once up Ranmore, a ridge opens out with wonderful views to the South and Leith Hill with the best selection of hills and valleys anywhere in Southern England, more than enough to keep any bike rider busy all day. Whitedown Hill is close by, used so often as one of the last climbs in just about every sportive I've ridden in the area to drain any remaining energy out of your legs and reduce your mind to survival mode




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