It's a Vision Thing

...continued from Learning to see as a photographer

By now you will have five images from each of the five different objects photographed, totaling twenty five in all. Analyze your work by printing two or three pictures from each set of five and laying them out on the floor. It should now be possible to see the beginnings of your own photographic style, by analyzing why you like certain pictures and not others you start to develop photographic preferences

Exercise 2

In this exercise, we are looking to produce a dynamic commercial image. Commercially, dynamic images are very useful of creating a sense of energy, direction, and purpose even where none exists

Example 1

  1. Go back to your recently produced portfolio and decide which is the most dynamic subject to photograph
  2. Re-photograph your subject in the most dynamic or dramatic way you can think of

Techniques include

  • Shoot against the light, that is the main light source behind your subject
  • Shoot from a very low angle using the widest angle lens you have
  • Keep your exposure under control to leave the shadows dark






The Cycling Box Hill Collection

The Waterscapes Collection

The Landscape Collection

david t
david t


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