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What can be taught and how?

December 15, 2015 0 Comments

...continued from Can you teach photography

So what can be taught and how? I think we need to start with an analysis of what it takes to be a good photographer. Of course, there's no one size fits all answer to that because every photographer is different, different strengths and completely different view of the world. Give ten photographers the same subject matter or location and ask them to photograph it and you'll get ten completely different takes, technics and styles 

OK, so what do they all have in common? Assuming they have anything in common. The only thing they have in common as far as I know is they all "see" in pictures, or at least, I think they do, I know I do. Everywhere I go I see pictures, walking down the street, in the bath, even during the most intimate of personal interactions I see pictures. I used to compose the sights I see in everyday life into pictures and store them away for another day, but now I just see the pictures in an almost finished form and don't bother storing them away as my memory was becoming seriously overloaded.

The challenge then is to record what I see in the way I see it, or at least as close as possible. Digital cameras in many instances help that process as the technical aspects of taking a picture are greatly enhanced with digital equipment. But a digital camera no matter how technically advanced won't make you creative.





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